Web3 In Real Estate If you can dream it, you can do it

Information on the new Web3 era and how its going to change the way property is brought sold and invested in

Yes, It’s a lot to take in, but it’s worth learning about it today so that you can get up to speed, and see if your business can capitalise on it for the future.

The information we share is only our opinion and we do not offer financial advice on investments or future businesses opportunties

Are you ready for Web3?

You may have heard about the word being branded about in conversation or in business circles so what is going on what is web3? Why should you be taking notice or finding out more information.

You may say that you haven’t heard about it in the mainstream media but if you start looking into it deeper you will see there are already many businesses who can see the future and are preparing for this new era.

You see the new technology that makes all this possible is called the Blockchain. It’s a tech that is unlimited by its scale and records every transaction by creating a new block for each transaction that can never be changed or corrupted ever. Eventually all world systems including financial will run on it.

You may of heard of it as all Crypto Coins use blockchain but what is coming is $544 Trillion in market cap.

I know it’s hard to imagine a new way of doing things in a new changed world, but as a business owner you can’t ignore it. You have time to learn more about how its going ot impact your business so don’t worry if its not making much sense at the moment. I was the same 12 months ago.

Traditional businesses are failing and are not cost effective any more look around you cannot deny it.  This is not just another market dip or recession this is a complete transformation of the world, the way we live, work and run a business.

Investment and fund mangers are investing billions into the new web3 era.

Companies that adopt the new technology will have a huge advantage of getting products and sales to market.





2. Real Estate

The Property market seems to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Platforms are already being developed to sell real estate on the Blockchain by storing all the documents on the block and running the sale direct to the customer without all the middlemen and costs. Real estate companies are exporing the ideas and developing their own property portals using the blockchain.

Currenty the connection has not been made to local councils and land registry as they are wating for all the records to become digitalised and added to the blockchain. But this will not be long and currenty companies are having to do this part manually. Once developed platforms will simply have to make a simple connection and boom time. The sale of a property or house will take 24hrs or quicker.

Forward looking companies are looking, learning and keeping up to speed with current developments. Some are starting to put what they can in place and develop their systems so they are ready to connect.

Here are two examples of current platforms



Tokenize Real Estate

Platforms are being built to tokenise real estate where you can buy a fractional share in a property or land. Simply login to the platform look at the property see its rental returns and buy a share for say a minimum of £500. You will have a percentage of ownership in property and it will pay you a return every year on that investment. The great news is that you can sell your share the same day of anytime after you brought it by simply clicking sell.

So the unaffordable investments will soon be available to the masses. Anyone can buy a stake in a property.

Here are two examples



Own the Platform

You will also be able to buy a share in the platform that is running the show by buying their own native token on the open market. Early adopters could make 100,000% returns on these companies.

Tokenization is going to be so big you will soon be able to buy a share in just about anything even your company if you so choose. this raising valuable capital for a non liquid asset

All this is not coming in 10 years it is all starting to be developed today.

What you can be doing Today

Set up your digital Metamask wallet so you can interact with the web3 world or platforms or make any purchases or investments.

Purchase your Web3 ENS Domain name (your company name) anyone can buy and trade these so get it quick before someone else does. This name becomes your digital Wallet account name.

Open an account with Cypto.com so you can buy and sell new companies tokens in the real estate world using Web3 Technolgy.

This is a simple, easy to use crypto exchange  try Crypto.com

If you sign up using this link you will get £25 credited to your account to start you off.

We can help you with all of the above if required contact us for more information.

In Summary

We understand that all this is a lot to take in at the start but each journey starts with a single footstep. So, if you want to get started in this exciting space we have broken it down to help you start your journey, and if required to come along with you and show you the way.


Web3 Business Ideas

In the Web3 World the possibilities are endless and there are thousands of business ideas. We work with companies to bring these ideas to life. If you have a idea you would like to discuss or just need advice on any aspect of Web3 just give us a call and we will be happy to help.


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