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Digital Wallets

To interact in the digital world like the metaverse or to purchase any digital assets like NFT’s or to accept Cryptocurrency payments for your products or services, you will need a digital wallet.


It was first invented in the 1990,s and then became a mainstream name in 2008 when Bitcoin used the tech to start the first cryptocurrency. In a simple form the blockchain acts as a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is responsible for keeping a permanent record (chain of blocks) of all previously confirmed transactions..

Digital Assets

You might not be new to investing in the real world where people buy and sell Art, Collectables, Fine Wine, Vintage Cars and invest in Real Estate. But recently there has been a new phenomenon called NFT’s or Non-Fungible Tokens.

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Information on the new Web3 era from setting up your digital wallet, blockchain, fintech, NFT digital assets, cyptocurrencies, advertising In the metaverse and the new (IOT) Internet of Things.

Yes, It’s a lot to take in, but it’s worth learning about it today so that you can get up to speed, and see if your business can capitalise on it for the future.

The information we share is only our opinion and we do not offer financial advice on investments or future businesses opportunties

1. Blockchain Technology

We shall start with blockchain technology because everything we are going to talk about is using this technology to make their systems work in the new digital world. Arguably this technology is one of the greatest inventions of this century, and is going to reshape the world in the way we all do business.


It was first invented in the 1990,s and then became a mainstream name in 2008 when Bitcoin used the technology to start the first cryptocurrency. In a simple form the blockchain acts as a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is responsible for keeping a permanent record (chain of blocks) of all previously confirmed transactions.

All cryptocurrencies use this technology, but it doesn’t stop there.

Today 1000,s of companies are using the Blockchain technology to solve real live problems around the world.

These include: Farming and food supply chain, Food distribution, Fintech companies and applications for banking, Transportation, Medical Care, Forestry and soon to be launched (or rumour has it) the new Quantum Financial System or Central Bank Digital (Crypto) Currencies or CBDC. Because this technology will be connected to an app on your phone all transactions will be able to be tracked in real time and recorded on the Blockchain ledger.

In the not too distant future all businesses will use this technology to make them run more efficiently and produce less waste and reduce labour costs. If you look at it this way businesses today are running on an old diesel fuel.

Blockchain is the new rocket fuel for the world.

2. Crypto Currencies

You may have heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but did you know that there are over 21,000 cryptocurrencies or tokens in the blockchain world?. These run on different networks like Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet, and Binance Smart Chain.

You can buy any of these Cryptocurrencies as a investment in their protocol or business idea, and sell them back at anytime to the currency of your country called a fiat wallet or soon to be called a CBDC wallet.

So, you could look at a cryptocurrency as a business that is using its protocol on the blockchain to serve as a utility to solve an IRL problem in the world. You can buy their Token like buying shares in a company. For example, if they launch their token for £0.0003 each, you could by 250,000 tokens for £750. If that token goes to £1 you would have made a good investment.


Tokenomics refers first to the structure of a cryptocurrency economy as designed by its creators. These factors used by investors include Token Supply, Token Utility, Token Distribution, Token burn rate and crucially incentive mechanisms.

If we look at Token Utility, this could be huge in the real world for companies to capture you as a long term customer and incentivise you for using their services or products. By launching their own token, they could send a number of tokens to your digital wallet for shopping in their store that can be redeemed for another digital currency, or for other services and products. Just think of this application alone.

But the biggest opportunity in the world is about to be launched, with the help of the new blockchain technology which will enable you to buy a fractional ownership of everything and anything… You name it, tokenization will make it possible for people to buy and sell it.  This is going to be the $544 trillion tokenization trend.


Find out more here

3. Digital Wallets

To interact in the digital world like the metaverse or to purchase any digital assets like NFT’s or to accept cryptocurrency payments for your products or services you will need a digital wallet. There are number of these to choice from that are currently on the market. You can download these as an app on your smart phone or connect them to your Google Chrome or Firefox browser on your laptop or PC.

Once this is installed you can add your networks and Cryptocurrencies you want to use. More coins can be added when you require at any time.

Some wallets like RAINBOW allow you to buy crypto like Ethereum using Apple pay from your smart phone. The most commonly used wallet at the present time is a wallet called MetaMask.

Wallet Security

There are two types of wallets you can use, and you can combine them for added security of your assets.

Warm Wallet: This type of wallet is the one we talked about opposite and is used on a day-to-day basis. This wallet is used to connect to various websites and applications to purchase digital assets and hold cryptocurrencies. You can set up any number of different accounts in this wallet and call them different names for added security.

This wallet is password protected and comes with a 12 Letter Seed Phase that you set up and store in a safe place in case you need to reinstall your wallet at anytime.

Cold Wallet: This type of wallet is often called a Ledger and can be used to store and transfer assets from your warm wallet that are valuable and you want to keep them for a long term like NFT’s  or large crypto balances. This wallet should never be connected to buy crypto or NFT’s from websites or apps directly. You can connect to this wallet from anywhere, and transfer assets back to your warm wallet at any time.

4. Digital Art NFT

You might not be new to investing in the real world where people buy and sell Art and Collectables, Fine wine, Vintage Cars and invest in Real Estate. But recently there has been a new phenomenon called NFT’s or Non Fungible Tokens. With your Etherum you can connect to sites like OPEN SEA who are one of the biggest agents to buy Digital Art, Land, Beach Houses and even stars and galaxies. Here is a example of one such collection Grandpa Ape Country Club

If you think this sounds crazy investors are making money like in the real world from buying low and selling at a higher price in Art Collections. When you own a piece of art from that collection you become part of the community and a member in their chat hosted on a platform called Discord. You can receive rewards and qualify for events both in the Metroverse and the real world.

Large corporations like Tiffany are making moves into the NFT world and a lot more large corporations will follow as they see its true potential.

Remember we do not offer investment advice and investments can go down as well as up like in the real world.


Companies Like Infinity Void are building whole towns with shopping malls and beachside homes and land. They have estate agents where you can purchase the real estate and also rental agents where you can rent it to a company to advertise their products of services or build their office. You will also be able to purchase shop units.  You will be able to build an avatar to walk around the town and interact and purchase products, services and have them delivered or respond in the real world. For example you could purchase a car pay for it in the crypto of that Metaverse and have it delivered to your house.

The possibilities are endless and unlimited as more and more companies create their space in the Metroverse.

As you can imagine the big investment in the early adoption is to purchase land early and rent it to the big companies to earn yourself a passive income like you would in the real world.  All income generated in the Metroverse would be paid in cryptocurrency of that Metaverse direct to you digital wallet. From there oyu can change into what ever currency you choose or use it on your debit card.

4. ENS Domain Names

At present ENS Domain Names are used to forward a fellow cryptocurrency user to your wallet to transfer crypto. At the current time when you set up an ETH wallet it comes with a very long account number like this example: 0xD4d044680AE3D37635059E61E87dAf22Ef2fF238 This is your wallet address that you give to anyone who wants to send you Cryptocurrency from their wallet. This is long and difficult to remember, so why not change your new bank account name to something you are happy with.


So, to make life easier, you can purchase an ENS Domain Name and point the new name to your digital wallet to replace the long difficult to remember number. You could use your own name or your company name if you wanted to accept cryptocurrency payments for your products or services. In fact, you can have any name you like as long as it is still available. The cost to mint an ENS Name is about the same as buying a traditional domain name for your Web2 website. Once purchased, you can set the name and simply give this name as your wallet address. For example Magicmoneytree.eth.


There will be other applications coming for the ENS Names Soon as Web3 develops. For example, you will be able to build a Web3 website using your ENS Name , so it would be a good idea to secure your name today before someone else does and tries to sell it back to you for 20X the purchase value.

Crypto Exchanges (Fintech)

Currently, to buy crypto using your fiat currency in the country where you live, you need a crypto exchange. There are a number of applications on the market where you can purchase crypto using your debit card or bank transfer. Binance, Coinbase and are some of the leading applications. With these apps on your mobile phone you can purchase crypto, sell crypto and trade all major cryptocurrencies. You can also transfer crypto to your digital wallet.

Most of these exchanges now offer a debit card that you can use as the same as a normal debit card for all purchases from your account balance. This saves transferring any fiat money back to your normal bank account.

For a simple, easy to use crypto exchange you can try

If you sign up using this link you will get £25 credited to your account to start you off.

IOT- Internet of Things

The Internet of Things IOT for short is any physical object with sensors that connect to the network, or software to enable monitoring, data gathering and remote access from your mobile phone or smart device. This could be for a smart home for instance.

Taking this on a much bigger scale, the IOT could be connected to a quantum computer system with AI technology to run much larger systems like the financial system or large industrial companies like Agriculture.

AI self-learning is already being developed and could be used to run most of the worlds systems by 2030

Smart Cities and Homes

In the not too distant future smart homes will be built in small complexes of say 10-20 homes. These homes will have their own Solar Panel Arrays to run the whole estate and each home. Each home will be run on the IOT operating system for that estate, and be temperature controlled, to cut down on any waste caused by manual operations.

Water will be recycled to save at least 68% of water consumption. Each home will have its own electric car and electric bike or scooter for transport around the area. You will be able to order all food and drinks from your smart phone app. The app will be connected to your personal profile, and recommend food types according to your personal preferences and medical condition. These will then be delivered to your door.

Smart cities will be on a much bigger scale but have the same function as a smaller complex. All food and resources for that city will be grown in close proximity to save on distribution storage and transport costs. Drones will deliver consumer items from their central Hub for that city.

In Summary

We understand that all this is a lot to take in at the start but each journey starts with a single footstep. So, if you want to get started in this exciting space we have broken it down to help you start your journey, and if required to come along with you and show you the way.


We have three packages you can choose from to help you on your Journey or if you like, you can go it alone, if you are more technically minded. Either way, you can contact us for advice at anytime on any of the information provided.

Web3 Business Ideas

In the Web3 World the possibilities are endless and there are thousands of business ideas. If you have a business idea you would like to discuss or just need advice on any aspect of Web3 just give us a call and we will be happy to help if we can.

We have connections with a lot of like-minded communities who have various skill sets in Web3 Arena.

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We are very confident in our products and services we offer. For any reason you are not satisfied in any of our services within 30 days we will give you a full refund of all money paid.

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Digital Wallet Set Up

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Setting up your Digital Wallet
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Forwarding Name Set up for Wallet Address

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NFT Tutorial

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Learn how the NFT Collection Works
How to purchase a NFT
How to sign up for Discord

Crypto Exchange Set Up

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Setting up your Crypto Exchange
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How to transfer and Buy Crypto

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Grandpa Ape Country Club

GACC is a collection of 5,000 Grandpa Ape NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Grandpa Ape doubles as your Country Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE GREENS, a place where you can just hang with the boys. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

To connect to Opensea or a NFT Collection you will need a Digital Wallet so you can set up your profile. We can help you with this.

A Great Investment

The Most expensive NFT ever sold was from the collection of CryptoPunks and number 7523 was last sold in June 2021 via an online auction organised by Sotheby’s. It was sold for a total of $11.75 million. This was a one off punk with it being the only one wearing a mask.

Adding to this when this collection first came out in mid 2017 all the punks were given away, that right FOR FREE !! all they had to pay for was the gas fee (a transaction fee on all NFT purchases) and that became yours for life.

Cypto Currencies Accepted Here

Our business accepts all top Cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of payment for our services.

To use Cryptocurrencies, you need a Cryptocurrency wallet. We can help set this up for you.

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